columbia entrepreneurs organization

The student-led club for aspiring entrepreneurs, startup operators, and investors at Columbia Business School


Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) is a student-led group with over 400 current MBA candidates. 

CEO's mission is to support students exploring the spectrum of entrepreneurial opportunities while at Columbia Business School including founding startups, joining or investing in early-stage companies, or pursuing entrepreneurship within existing companies. As one of the most active organizations on campus we host numerous networking events, pitch competitions, hackathons, company visits, and community service events throughout the academic year.

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Seth Goodman

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Anisha Das

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Matt Weinberg

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Eddie Lee, VP

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Bennett Mayrock, VP

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Jess Gimbel, VP

Harsh Khemka, VP

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Poompat Kongboonma, VP

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Kelly Lundy, VP

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Angelina Hu, VP

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Lauren Warsavsky, VP

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Puja Kowley, VP

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founder initiatives

Bryan Richman, VP

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Aamir Ghai, VP

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Taylor Palank, VP

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Immersion and Treks

Nicolai Mouhin, VP

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Adi Prasad, VP

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Maeve Tslvanidis, VP

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professional development

Matt Peterson, VP

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Naomi Tudhope, VP

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Justin Reggi, VP

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Stella Binkevich, VP

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Chief of Staff

Hannah Dolgin

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Raghav Seth, VP

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Lawrence Wang, VP

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