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3000 bid points?  4000 bid points?  5000 bid points?  SOLD!

Perhaps it’s the world-class professors (Dean HubbardProfessor Keehner, and Professor Sorensen), or perhaps it’s the engaging speakers – Entrepreneurial Finance is one of the most sought-after classes offered at Columbia Business School.

Lecture on PE/VC by Professor Sorensen

Lecture on PE/VC by Professor Sorensen

I was fortunate enough to get into Entrepreneurial Finance, and spent a full Block Week (8am to 8pm) fully immersed in this summer course.  A typical day in the week started out with breakfast, followed by a lecture block.  Next, guest speakers would come in to showcase their businesses.  During our extended lunch, we would work on a case with our group and discuss it with the entire class after we returned.  A professor would then close the day with another lecture and we would leave to spend an evening in Watson Library working on group homework assignments.

Jay Ju, a fellow member of  Cluster Y ‘15, engaged Professor Sorensen during a break

Jay Ju, a fellow member of Cluster Y ‘15, engaged Professor Sorensen during a break

The days were long but absolutely worthwhile!  The course is designed in a way that offered variability and classroom engagement.  Speakers came with interesting stories, and even more interesting demos. For example, John Levy, investor and Chairman of BioLite, brought a miniature campstove that burned small sticks of wood while charging an iPhone. 

John Levy showing a demo of a BioLite campstove (iPhone not yet connected)

John Levy showing a demo of a BioLite campstove (iPhone not yet connected)

My most memorable day was the one in which our group was selected to role-play VC investors and negotiatedterm sheet terms against another group who played a startup founding team.  I was excited by how much better I understood the process after having played though the experience.  


Dean Hubbard left the class with the practical advice to learn how to “take the money and run” instead of “board[ing] the Titanic.”


Professor Keehner discussed dealing with uncertainty noting that “sometimes you just can’t get it right because the truth is in the future.”


And Professor Sorensen shared that from the perspective of “10 years ago, you would not recognize the world today.  The companies we start today will change the world 10 years from now.”

With all of the wisdom I gained, an unexpected benefit of the class is that when I wave at the Dean in the hallways, I know he knows me when he waves back!  I feel like I have learned so much, and the bottom-line: I recommend Entrepreneurial Finance to anyone who wants to better understand the startup landscape.

Welcome 2016’ers and Welcome Back 2015’ers!!

The Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) is excited to welcome everyone to campus. We have an exciting year of events planned, and can’t wait for everyone to get involved with the entrepreneurship community at Columbia. We have a few events that we want everyone to keep an eye out for, particularly for the first years. Today, August 25th, we are hosting an information session during lunch that will go through many of the resources available to entrepreneurs, particularly geared towards getting first years on track to take advantage of what CEO, CBS, and Columbia University have to offer in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tomorrow, we are hosting an event downtown for incoming CBS entrepreneurs to check out our brand new Columbia Startup Lab. There, current students will hear from former students that have launched startups since graduating and have utilized the fantastic WeWork space Columbia has reserved downtown. Afterwards, we will head to a nearby bar for people to get to know their fellow entrepreneurial peers. (Note: Because of space limitations, we have to cap the headcount of this event, but we will certainly have more!)

The next major event planned will be the Peter Thiel speaking event on September 17th (http://bit.ly/1ns9v45). Peter Thiel is a very successful investor, and it is a great honor having him come to campus to speak with aspiring Columbia entrepreneurs. Outside of the Peter Thiel event, we have a tremendous lineup of speaker events lined up over the coming year. In addition, we are organizing a variety of treks where we will visit startups in NYC, competitions, and networking events to help CBS students in all of their entrepreneurial pursuits. Keep an eye on the CBS calendar on this site for more information on all of these great events.

CEO is looking forward to an amazing year, and we are excited for everyone in our community to get involved and utilize all of the programming our outstanding board has put together!